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Dec 29, 2021

Your brand DNA is the heart of your identity as a business. It establishes your mission and values, makes you unique from your competitors, and gives your customers a reason to choose to buy from you over your rivals. And if anyone knows how to define a brand’s DNA, it’s Lauren Alexander. The co-founder and creative director for the clothing line LNA launched the brand in 2006 when she was just 22 years old—with no college education and no experience in the fashion industry. And 16 years later, it’s clear that she’s found success by staying true to her original vision: to create elevated basics that don’t look or feel “basic” at all. (A feat in an industry predicated on trends!) I can’t wait to chat with her today about how she’s stayed true to her brand’s DNA, avoided pressure to give into fleeting trends, and what the future holds for LNA and the fashion industry at large. So without further ado… Welcome to WorkParty, Lauren!

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