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Jan 19, 2022

In a notoriously saturated market, new beauty brands need more than just a solid formula to stand out. They need transformative ideas that go beyond the product itself. When Dianna Cohen set out to create Crown Affair, she wanted high-quality hair care that was more than just another clean product in a pretty bottle. She wanted to turn hair care into a special moment, rooted in ritual. You know, those little daily practices that make or break your morning—those personal moments that help you feel calm, collected, and whole. Though Crown Affair is relatively new to the market, it has earned a respectable spot disrupting the hair care space thanks to its clean and innovative products, and Dianna’s commitment to the craft of taking care—both in hair care and business practices. On this week's episode of WorkParty, we're joined by Dianna Cohen, my good friend, and the founder and CEO of Crown Affair to chat about how she built the brand from the foundation of personal practice, and why it has played such an instrumental role in the success of the business.

We talk about:


  • The pre-Crown Affair career path that set Dianna up for success
  • What makes her hair care routine so unique, and why creating a ritual was so important
  • The moment she knew she was going to make the leap and launch Crown Affair
  • How her art history background played a big role in the art direction of the brand
  • The process of developing custom formulas vs. using contract manufacturing
  • Tips to help you reach your hair care goals and Dianna's must-have hair products
  • Dianna's secrets to success regarding company culture and mindful leadership
  • Crown Affair's Seedling Mentorship Program on the power of community and connection
  • The importance of hiring slow, firing fast, and finding seasoned professionals


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