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Oct 28, 2020

Presented by Mastercard
Fact: 54% of women report workplace harassment. A staggering 64% of women are exposed to gender-based micro aggressions, with non-white women experiencing it more than anyone else. But here’s the kicker, nearly all sexual harassment or discrimination at work goes unreported and those who do, often see zero benefit. If you’ve ever had diversity or anti-harassment training at work, you’ll know that they are long overdue for a shakeup. And these statistics prove their outdated powerpoint and video presentations just aren’t working. Despite mandatory sexual harassment trainings in many states across the U.S., cases of harassment are still on the rise. Morgan Mercer recognized the critical need for education that bridged the empathy gap and she’s doing just that with her immersive enterprise training company, Vantage Point. Morgan’s technology is teaching “soft” skills like kindness and empathy through a live 360-degree virtual reality experience where users watch harassment unfold before them and have to make decisions on how to respond. In this episode of WorkParty, Jaclyn sits down with Morgan to discuss how she’s using technology to transform workplace training, how to drive empathy and fundamentally make the world more human, and what’s in store for the future.   Join the party on social @workparty and stay in-the-know at
Morgan Mercer @themorganrmercer @try.vantagepoint
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