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Dec 30, 2020

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Life is all about perspective. Change it, and the world around you will start to change, too. Today’s guest, Tara Ijai, can certainly attest to this. As an American who converted to Islam later in life, she witnessed firsthand how her faith choice led others to treat her with intolerance and hate. Disheartened, she resorted to wearing a pair of heart-shaped glasses that she hoped would act as a shield against the negativity going on in the world around her. Turns out, the glasses had quite the effect. Her new fashion statement was met with kindness wherever she went. So much so, that it shifted her perspective. Her confidence was back, and she started to look forward to venturing out and interacting with strangers. She wanted to share this experience with others so they too could find positivity in times of strife. Thus, the Love Glasses Revolution was born. Before she knew it, Tara was manufacturing and selling her own heart-shaped glasses designs, and encouraging others to also choose love. The Love Glasses community—who she affectionately calls love rebels—has greatly expanded since then. Now thousands strong, her followers come from all walks of life, united by the shared mission to spread empathy, welcome diversity, and make the world a better place. Stay tuned to learn how the self-proclaimed love activist inspired a movement around acceptance and how you too can launch a business around a social mission. Join the party on social @workparty and stay in-the-know at

Tara Ijai @loveglassesrevolution
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